This journal is one of the 4 journals that branched out of the previous scholarly and research-oriented Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities of Shiraz University. This was achieved based on the decision made by the Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology following the policy of having more specialized journals across the country.

This journal is managed under the supervision of the Vice-Chancellor for Research of Shiraz University with the collaboration and cooperation of the Center of Excellence in L2 Reading and Writing of the Department of Foreign Languages and Linguistics and the Vice Dean for Research of the College of Literature and Humanities. The TESL is a quarterly and peer-reviewed journal that publishes articles of high quality and originality. This journal will accept scholarly articles written only in the English language in the areas of Language Teaching and Learning and its sub-disciplines. All scholars and researchers, national or international, in the above fields are cordially invited to submit their articles through the journal site "" to be considered and reviewed electronically by our reviewers.


The scope of the issues covered should be within the following topics:

 First, second, or foreign language acquisition/learning

 Sociolinguistics and English language teaching/learning

 Psycholinguistics and English language teaching/learning

 Discourse analysis/ pragmatics and English language teaching/learning

 English language assessment/testing

 Methods of English language teaching

 Learning styles

 Corpus linguistics and English language teaching/learning

 The use of technology in ELT/ELL

 Neurolinguistics and English language teaching/learning

 Any issues dealing with English language teaching and learning on grammar, vocabulary, and the four skills